25/25 Series Dundee - Final Table - Level 23 (15k/30k/3k)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 17:11


01:17: Blinds up! Next updates on new page.

01:12: Latest very approximate counts 3-handed:

Seat 2 - Mohamed Rauf - 2000k
Seat 5 - Chico Lamont - 3525k
Seat 7 - Marc Leishman - 800k

01:09: Marc involved in a pot with Mohamed here and he's heavily invested. Marc has Trip Jacks and gets paid on this River Bet.

01:08: We are back in action 3-handed now. All 3 players now have £7,300 locked up.

01:06: Clock was paused for a few minutes for a possible deal discussion 3-handed. They agreed to change the payouts for 1st, 2nd and 3rd as follows but will continue to play on.

1st - £12,000 (was £14,000)
2nd - £10,000 (was £9,200)
3rd - £7,300 (was £6,100)

00:59: Mohamed opens the Button for 102k and Hamid...........calls (from the BB). Flop QhQd7d. Hamid open shoves his 815k into Mohamed's face with Kh2h (back door flush draw only). Mohamed makes the easy call with AQ (trips) and holds for the win! Hamid out in 4th place for £3,650.

00:57: Hamid warns Mohamed that if he raises he'll go all in.

00:55: Hamid opens the Button for 90k. Mohamed 3bets all in! He has over 1.5million and Hamid has about 950k behind so it's not a small bet!

00:52: Chico opens the Button for 60k. Hamid calls in the SB. Marc folds the BB. Flop Jd9s3h. Check/Check. Turn 3c. Hamid bets 175k. Chico folds. Hamid shows QQ! Chico exclaims "WOW".

00:51: Marc opens for 60k UTG, called by Mohamed on the Button and Hamid in the BB. Marc bets the Qc7c3d flop for 115k. Mohamed folds. Hamid also folds.

00:50: Not many big pots recently. Just some skirmishes back and forward.

00:49: I think all 4 players are currently over 1 million chips each!

00:45: We are 4-handed now. No talk of any deals so far.

00:42: Comparison pic of Marc Leishman's rail:

00:41: John Angus out in 5th for £2,750. 4 left. Remaining prizes:

1    £14,000.00
2    £9,200.00
3    £6,100.00
4    £3,650.00

00:39: Big 3-way all in there with A4 (John) vs TJ (Hamid) vs QQ (Marc). Marc holds and wins it all, taking out John in the process:

00:32: Chico's rail/fanboys:

00:31: Chico opens for 62k. Takes it.

00:30: Mohamed wins a small one.

00:29: Marc open shoves again. Gets it through.

00:27: Mohamed limps the SB and Chico checks. Chico takes it down with a flop bet.

00:26: Marc shoves the Button. Mohamed thinks about it but ends up folding.

00:25: Blinds now 15k/30k with a 3k running ante. Hamid opens the button for 85k and gets it through, showing an Ace.

00:23: Ready to recommence.

00:18: Latest counts:

Seat 1 - John Angus - 336k
Seat 2 - Mohamed Rauf - 1800k
Seat 5 - Chico Lamont - 2600k
Seat 6 - Hamid Motaghian - 1200k
Seat 7 - Marc Leishman - 355k

00:14: We have 5 left:

00:11: Players on a break.

2nd February 2014 @ 17:54
Come on marc!!!!!
21st February 2014 @ 14:26
He did the business in the end.
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