25/25 Series Dundee - Final Table - Level 22 (12k/24k/2k)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 16:25


00:09: Last hand before the break. Hamid shoves and takes it down uncontested. He shows AK.

00:07: Break in 3 mins.

00:06: Marc wins one preflop.

00:04: Chico takes a decent pot from Marc there calling the River with an under pair to the board (33). Marc was bluffing with Ace High. Marc now down to under 300k. Cries of "Chico, Chico" erupt from the rail.

00:02: John Angus has some incredibly grinding skills. He just never gives up regardless of what position he is in stackwise.

00:01: We have 5 remaining:

Seat 1 - John Angus
Seat 2 - Mohamed Rauf
Seat 5 - Chico Lamont
Seat 6 - Hamid Motaghian
Seat 7 - Marc Leishman

23:58: Another elimination! Bruno Bressan out. Hamid limped the button and Bruno shoved all in for about 96k from the bb with A4. Hamid thought it over then called with 72! The Deuce-ball hit the Turn to send Bruno back to Aberdeen in 6th with £2,200.

23:55: Bruno shoves AJ is called by John with AQ. John doubles up but both still very short. Another stack swap for them.

23:53: Chico and Hamid play a blind vs blind pot. Chico takes it.

23:51: Bruno (250k) and John (150k) both very short.

23:50: Hamid opens for 100k UTG. Mohamed calls from the SB. Flop JT6 rainbow. Hamid shoves the flop (for a lot) and Mohamed folds. Hamid shows QJ for top pair.

23:49: Chico's stack is rather large now:

23:48: Another pot for Marc Leishman.

23:46: Remaining prizes:

1    £14,000.00
2    £9,200.00
3    £6,100.00
4    £3,650.00
5    £2,750.00
6    £2,200.00

23:42: Conor Ogg opens for 55k. Chico 3bets to 153k. Conor 4bet shoves around 600k (AQ) and Chico snap-calls (KK). The Big Boys hold up and Conor is out in 7th for £1,750.

23:41: Pots for Marc then Hamid there.

23:40: 7 left at the FT:

Seat 1 - John Angus
Seat 2 - Mohamed Rauf
Seat 3 - Conor Ogg
Seat 5 - Chico Lamont
Seat 6 - Hamid Motaghian
Seat 7 - Marc Leishman
Seat 9 - Bruno Bressan

23:35: Marc opens for 50k, Barrie shoves for 98k, Mohamed reshoves all in and Marc folds. Heads up with Barry at risk. It's A8 (Barry) vs JJ (Mohamed). Mohamed flops him dead with Quad Jacks and Barry McQueen is out in 8th for £1,400.

23:31: Chico opens to 50k and Hamid calls for heads up in position. Flop 7s6c5c. Check/check. Turn 2c. Chico bets 75k and Hamid calls. River Kh. Chico checks and Hamid bets 80k. Chico insta-calls with two pair (62) and wins. Hamid had to show his A8 for Ace High (missed his straight draw).

23:28: Mohamed limps which tempts in Chico, Hamid and Marc who all limp behind! Barry folds the SB and Bruno checks. Flop J85 and all check! Turn Ace. Mohamed bets 30k. Hamid calls. Marc calls. 3-handed. River Jack. Mohamed bets 250k. Hamid and Marc fold. Mohamed shows 55 for a full house. Another trap set but not sprung with a checked set on the flop.

23:27: Chico, Hamid and Marc:

23:26: Conor opens for 52k and Hamid shoves all in for 711k on the Button. Conor folds.

23:25: Blinds up! 8 left. Next out gets £1,750. We lost Chris Thomson in 9th.

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