25/25 Series Dundee - Final Table - Level 21 (10k/20k/2k)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 15:04


23:24: Blinds up! More updates on the next level's page.

23:23: Chico makes it 45k from the Button and gets 2 calls: Hamid in the SB and Marc in the BB. Flop AsKs6c. Chico c-bets 52k when checked to. Hamid shoves all in and both opponents fold.

23:19: Folds to Chris Thomson in the SB and he shoves his 115k stack all in. Chico looks him up with 8s4s and gets there with a Flush vs the T7o. Down to 8 now. Chris Thomson 9th for £1,000.

23:17: Bruno shoves all in from middle position. Chris calls! Bruno has AK and 188k. He gets a double up through Chris with A2. Chris now crippled with about 115k.

23:16: Turns out it's Hamid's birthday on 3rd February! Hopefully he's still in at Midnight.

23:15: Barry shoves all in from the Hijack (105k). He gets it through! Conor showed the 32o in the bb.

23:11: Chico opens for 47.5k. Mohamed calls from the bb. Flop As6c2h. Check/check. Turn Kh. Mohmed bets about 120k and takes it down. He said afterwards it was a misclick and he meant to be just 70k.

23:10: Hamid open shoves from the cut-off and takes the pot down.

23:09: John takes a hand off, folding UTG. Chris Thomson makes it 52k. Marc Leishman calls from the Button. Heads up. Flop 9c8d5d. Chris check/folds to Marc's bet.

23:07: Barry now in the bb and short. John Angus shoves all in in second position. All folds and John puts a nice two hand combo together.

23:05: All in from Barry McQueen UTG (258k) and John Angus is all in (113k) behind him. All others fold and it's Barry's As6s vs John's QQ. The Queens hold and they pretty much swap stack sizes.

23:04: Here are John Angus and Mohamed Rauf at the FT:

23:03: Folded to Chico in the SB and he shoved all in on Hamid. After thinking it over Hamid made the call with A5 and his 285k stack. Chico showed the old 72 suited and couldn't find a suckout Double up for Hamid!

23:01: Our final tableists just before we kicked off:

23:00: A few hands later an another one for Chico. This time he check-raised the 753 flop after Conor had bet and Chris called. He took it down.

22:54: Chico opens for 47k. Takes it down.

22:53: Chico opens for 47.5k. Takes it down.

22:52: Shortest stack John Angus in the big blind this hand. He only has about 85k behind! And he gets a walk!

22:51: Mohamed opens for 45k again but takes it down this time with no contest.

22:47: Mohamed opens to 45k from middle position. Chico calls. We have some new 50k white chips in play btw. Flop Ks5s3h and check/check. Turn 3h and Chico bets 68k when checked to. Mohamed calls. River Jd. Mohamed checks and Chico checks back. Mohamed immediately declares "Set" and shows 55 for a flopped set. Looks like he was trying to set a trap for Chico there.

22:46: Bruno open-shoves all in  from early position. Gets it through! With blinds at 10k/20k and a 2k ante that's another 39k on his stack.

22:43: Nothing too existing first few hands.

22:39: Final table just started. Here is the line up and stacks:

22:04: Players on a break. Back about 10.30pm to kick things off. Counts to follow once they are done. We are playing for:

1    £14,000.00
2    £9,200.00
3    £6,100.00
4    £3,650.00
5    £2,750.00
6    £2,200.00
7    £1,750.00
8    £1,400.00
9    £1,000.00

2nd February 2014 @ 16:44
dennis shaw
Great blog Martin, well done and thanks for your dedication.
21st February 2014 @ 14:27
Thanks Dennis
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