25/25 Series Dundee - Day 2 - Level 21 (10k/20k/2k)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 14:16


22:01: I will start a new level page for the FT. Starting about 10.30pm.

21:51: BOOM! Final table! Lost Alistair Parry in 10th place for £700. Flush vs Flush with all the chips going in on the River. King High vs Nine High. Very unlucky for Alistair. Back in about 30 mins with FT. It was Mohamed with the big Flush.

21:46: Marc Leishman suggested to the other players that they take something from 1st place and pay out 10th place a bit more. Not much response from the others.

21:39: Unusual one there. Bruno limped in the sb and John checked the bb. Flop A74. Check/check. Turn 7. Check/Check. River 9. Bruno bets 35k and John shoves all in for only 76k more! Bruno thinks it over and eventually called. John has J9 vs Bruno's 96 and it's a chop!

21:35: Double up for Barry McQueen there vs John Angus KK vs AQ which help up. Over 300k in the pot. John now very short.

21:31: Chris Thomson takes one down there on the flop vs Hamid. Chris shoved all in on the flop vs a 110k bet and took it down.

21:29: John Angus shoved all in UTG there for 217k. Bruno thought for a long time before folding in the bb.

21:24: Chico opened and Mohamed shoved all in there. Chico folded and Mohamed showed Jacks. The dealer reckons that when Chico says "Fold" it sounds very like "Call" and has has to double check with him a few times recently.

21:22: Most action still seems to be on Table 1. As it's hand for hand Table 2's participants stand up here to watch the longer hand on Table 1:

21:19: Conor Ogg raised preflop to 45k there and was called by John Angus in the bb. John check/folded to his 50k c-bet though on a 996 flop with 2 Spades.

21:16: Still 10-handed hand for hand on the FT bubble here.

2nd February 2014 @ 14:40
Boaby Jardine
How is horsebox Bruno still in? TID Anyway!
2nd February 2014 @ 15:33
Alistair parry
No mention of my 3 minute tank with the smaller flush haha. Gutted to bubble the final table but really enjoyed the tournie. Good luck to the remaining players,especially Marc Leishman. Take it down mate!!
21st February 2014 @ 14:28
Good point. Unlucky. See you at the Merchant City 14-16th March!
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