25/25 Series Dundee - Day 2 - Level 20 (8000/16000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 13:26


21:15: Blinds going up to 10k/20k/2k.

21:13: On the other table Bruno Bressan opens to 32k on the Button and is called by Barry McQueen from the bb. Barry only has about 200k behind which Bruno covers. The flop is 633 but Barry check/folds to Bruno's c-bet.

21:08: Updates a bit quite here on the FT Bubble but once we get to the 9-handed final table I'm promise all 9 players will get lots of coverage and detailed updates as we progress. Just hang in there for now. Still 10-handed hand for hand.

21:05: Two hand penalty for Alistair Parry for folding out of turn! Looks like he'll look lose both his blinds. Bad timing.

20:59: Another double up for Alistair Parry. This time with KA vs AT all in preflp vs Hamid.

20:54: Chico's stack. Still 10-handed hand for hand.

20:42: Chico opens UTG for 33k UTG and Hamid calls from the bb for heads up. Flop KcTc4c. Hamid leads into Chico for 41k. Chico calls. Turn Kh and it goes check/check. River 9d and Hamid bets 53k. Chico folds after thinking it over. Here they are onthe River:

20:40: Chico opens for 33k and Mohamed calls from the bb. Flop Qsc7s6c and Mohamed check/calls a 44k bet. Turn 5h and it goes check/check. River Kd and Mohamed bets 160k and Chico folds.

20:39: Chris Thomson 3bets Chico Lamont's prelfop open and Chico folds there.

20:38: Remaing prizes:

1    £14,000.00
2    £9,200.00
3    £6,100.00
4    £3,650.00
5    £2,750.00
6    £2,200.00
7    £1,750.00
8    £1,400.00
9    £1,000.00
10    £700.00

20:36: Alistair Parry doubles up with AQ vs Chris Thomson's KQ:

20:29: 10 left now and we are hand for hand before the final table. All players have locked up £700. Some wildly approximate chip counts:

Table 1
Alistair Parry 115k
Chris Thomson 370k
Mohamed Rauf 505k
Hamid Motaghian 710k
Chico Lamont 2000k

Table 2
John Angus 250k
Barry McQueen 410k
Conor Ogg 470k
Marc Leishman 600k
Bruno Bressan 420k

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