25/25 Series Dundee - Day 2 - Level 19 (6000/12000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 12:40


20:26: Blinds up!

20:17: Horrible hand there for Ian Noble to take us to 10-handed play. Ian shoved all with with ThTd and Barry McQueen called with the other 2 Tens (TcTs) with him covered. The flop brought 3 Spades and another on the Turn for Barry's Flush to send Ian packing. Not a nice way to go out in 11th place.

20:13: Ian Noble shoves all in then John Angus goes all in behind him. All others folds and it's KQ (Ian) vs AA (John). John's Aces hold up and he doubles through Ian who is now down to about 70k.

20:10: Average stack 575k now with 11 left.

20:07: GK Kamal (AJ) all in preflp vs chip leader Chico Lamont (AK). The AK holds and Chico could be over 2million now! That's with only 6.3million in play in the entire tournament. 11 left now.


20:03: Double up for short stack Barry McQueen vs John Angus. His QQ all in preflp his a set and John was dead on the Turn.

20:00: Next table approx counts. They may be off as I just took a quite look remember:

Table 2
John Angus 360k
Barry McQueen 150k
Conor Ogg 500k
Marc Leishman 650k
Bruno Bressan 550k
Ian Noble 180k

19:57: Very approx chip counts from my own visual estimates:

Table 1
Alistair Parry 320k
Chris Thomson 650k
Mohamed Rauf 555k
Hamid Motaghian 530k
Chico Lamont 1500k
GK Kamal 440k

19:52: Remaining prizes:

1    £14,000.00
2    £9,200.00
3    £6,100.00
4    £3,650.00
5    £2,750.00
6    £2,200.00
7    £1,750.00
8    £1,400.00
9    £1,000.00
10    £700.00
11    £650.00
12    £650.00

19:44: 12 players left with 6 on each table:

Table 1
Alistair Parry
Chris Thomson
Mohamed Rauf
Hamid Motaghian
Chico Lamont
GK Kamal

Table 2
John Angus
Barry McQueen
Conor Ogg
Marc Leishman
Bruno Bressan
Ian Noble

19:43: Ian Swan (and his lucky red trousers) out! with AK vs Chico's 88 all in preflop.

19:40: Blinds up! Well, the blinds are still the same but with an increased ante of 1.5k each.

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