25/25 Series Dundee - Day 2 - Level 18 (6000/12000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 11:54


19:39: Blinds up!

19:35: Here are pics of the last 13:

19:19: Here are your last 13 players:

John Angus
Chico Lamont
Ian Swan
Chris Thomson
Barry McQueen
Marc Leishman
GK Kamal
Bruno Bressan
Ian Noble
Alastair Parry
Conor Ogg
Mohamed Rauf
Hamid Motaghian

19:15: Scott Townshend out as well! 13 left now!

19:14: And again; it's the Level of Death! David Bisset out with 33 vs Chris Thomson's JJ all in preflop.

19:12: Dropping fast! Ivor Brown out with KQ vs run-like-god Chico's KK all in preflop. Barrie Geekie Flight A chip leader also out on the other table. 15 left now!

19:08: Marc Leishman reports "Got a full double up JJ > A9 clubs all in pre. 350k or so."

19:06: Meanwhile back on the feature table Stephen Ng is dealt a cruel blow with KK vs Conor Ogg's AA all in preflop. He doesn't find a miracle and is also out. Down to 17 now. Our current feature table has been broken so I'll be relocating soon.

19:00: Same table. Hamid M limps in as does Dennis Shaw and the blinds complete and check. Flop T97 rainbow and Hamid bets 32k when checked to. Dennis Shaw raises to 80k and Hamid calls after a wee think. Turn 2d and Hamid shoves all in. Dennis calls! QT for Hamid (top pair) and 9d8d for Dennis (2nd pair, open-ended straight draw and he picked up a flush draw on the Turn). The river is a brick and Hamid takes Dennis out.

18:59: Hand from one of the other tables. Hamid Motaghian opens for 24k and takes down the blinds.

18:56: 19 left now. 1 more and we will drop to 2 tables. Here are the remaining prizes:

1    £14,000.00
2    £9,200.00
3    £6,100.00
4    £3,650.00
5    £2,750.00
6    £2,200.00
7    £1,750.00
8    £1,400.00
9    £1,000.00
10    £700.00
11    £650.00
12    £650.00
13    £650.00
14    £500.00
15    £500.00
16    £500.00
17    £500.00
18    £500.00
19    £500.00

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