25/25 Series Dundee - Day 2 - Level 17 (5000/10000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 10:56


18:54: Blinds up!

18:50: Mohamed Rauf's wife was a bit unhappy he hasn't been featured too heavily on the blog so far and texted him saying she can only see his back! Here's a copy of the message and a nice picture of him to make up for it:

18:44: Chico opens for 20.5k, Penny calls from the small blind and Stephen folds from the big blind. Heads up. 9s8d2h on the Flop and Penny open shoves 141k into the approx 58k pot and Chico calls. He shows QQ and Penny has QJ. She's in bad shape but can still win with a Ten. It doesn't come and sadly we now have an all male tournament. 19 players left.

18:42: Stephen Ng opens to 20k UTG, Chico calls in position as does Penny from the bb. 3 to the flop which is Jc4s2d. Penny checks, Stephen bets 27k and both opponents fold.

18:41: Shahid Mahmood out. 20 left.

18:40: Our remaining 3 tables:

18:37: Chris wins their next scuffle. Didn't catch the whole hand but Chris was dragging a  200k plus pot on the River with A4 two pair vs Chico.

18:32: Chris Thomson opens for 20.5k and Chico calls from the big blind. Flop KhTc6s which is checked around. Turn 3h and Chico leads for 26.5k. Chris raises to 55k total. Chico is our chip leader with over 1million chips but Chris also has close to 600k (60bb). Chico calls. River 2c and Chico takes the initiative and bets 61k. Chris says "I've got top pair and I can't even call you." He folds and Chico shows a Jack.

18:31: Barry McQueen ships from the cut-off for 143k and takes down the blinds.

18:30: Conor Ogg moved to our feature table.

18:28: Tom Johnston out. He shoved all in with QhTh and Penny Malik reshoved with 88. Her pocked pair held and Tom was eliminated. Down to 21.

18:27: Stephen Ng doubled up his 70k stack shortly after the break.

18:24: Ewan Brown reports "And out. Lost a flip, AT<88. No double this time."  - his chance of back to back Scottish 25/25 titles is extinguished.

18:23: Lost Ewan Brown and Cameron Alavizadeh. Now at 22.

18:18: Approximate chip counts from the last break:

Stephen Ng 70k
Tom Johnston 60k
John Angus 245k
Chico Lamont 1130k
Ian Swan 126k
Chris Thomson 590k
Barry McQueen 130k
Penny Malik 110k
Ewan Brown 168k
Scott Townshend 160k
Barrie Geekie 70k
Camerson Alavizadeh 140k
Marc Leishman 230k
GK Kamal 300k
Bruno Bressan 310k
Ian Noble 300k
Dennis Shaw 305k
Alastair Parry 290k
Conor Ogg 400k
Ivor Brown 120k
Mohamed Rauf 421k
Hamid Motaghian 125k
Shahid Mahmood 105k
David Bisset 230k

17:56: In the money now. 24 left. On a break. Will try to get list of remaining players and some counts.

2nd February 2014 @ 12:11
Not seeing much of Ian noble.... Sitting here watching all day.....cmon the nobs!love Lou and the kids ( PS they got a list of what u can buy them :) )
21st February 2014 @ 14:29
Got some coverage of Ian in later I think. Was focussing more on the other table for the last few levels. Thanks for reading.
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