25/25 Series Dundee - Day 2 - Level 16 (4000/8000/800)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 10:05


17:55: Break time.

17:44: A nice quick bubble as we lose Mindaugas Kriauciunas in 26th place on Table 2. All players locked up £450 now. Another break very soon.

17:36: Actually 26 left and we are on the Bubble. Hand for hand on the last 3 tables.

17:31: Down to 27 now and 3 full tables. 2 from the money! £0 for 27th and 26th, £450 for 25th.

17:29: Chico has so many chips the staff are forced to colour him up:

17:19: Chico Lamont opens for 17k and Joe Hamilton calls from the bb. Flop 578 rainbow and Chico bets 26.5k after Joe checks but Joe raises to 75k. Chico shoves all in (he covers Joe) and Joe calls (he has around 460k left)! Chico tables 6h4h for a flopped Straight and Joe has 8s7s for top two pair (and a Back Door Flush Draw). There is a spade on the Turn for an extra sweat but it bricks out and Chico wins to be the first player over 1million. That is an absolutely massive stack at this stage with 28 left. There are only 6.3million chips in total!

17:15: David Cheung opens for 21k on the Button and Chris Thomson shoves from the BB. Looks like David had about 180k behind which Chris covered. David folded and Chris showed him the 9s8s.

17:08: Big pot betwen Stephen Ng and Joe Hamilton here on the feature table. On the Turn on the Ac4c4h-Qs board Stephen check/raised Joe's 50k bet to 150k but had to fold when Joe came over the top all in. A very nice pot for Joe and Stephen takes a hit.

17:07: Blinds now 4000/8000/800.

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