25/25 Series Dundee - Day 2 - Level 15 (3000/6000/600)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 9:19


17:06: Blinds up.

17:03: Last Lady Standing Penny Malik was down to 37k from her peak of about 250k but she just doubled up there so back in contention. She had her handbag in hand and was ready to leave as well! 30 left, 25 paid. Getting close to the money now.

16:58: Here's a wee collage of the big stacks from around the room:

16:43: Another nice pot for Chico Lamont as he takes out Chris Khabir. This is his stack now:

16:42: We are joined at the feature table by Stephen Ng and Chris Khabir.

16:39: Down to 36 players and merged into the last 4 tables now. Average stack 171k.

16:35: Maj Iqbal walking after shoving all in preflop for about 85k with 66. Joe Hamilton woke up with QQ, called and won.

16:31: Large pot there (around 270k) between Chico Lamont and Grant McIntosh. After a betting war preflop Chico put in the last one, shoving QT but Grant had AK and called. Nae bother for Chico though as there was a Queen in the window and it held up. Grant offers his hand on departure:

16:30: Maj Iqbal now down to about 85k on the feature table. Could be a bit of shoving coming up. He says he was "cripled by the genious two to my right" referring to David Cheung.

16:26: Raymond "Spike" Innes from Aberdeen knocked out by Bruno Bressan on Table 7. Spike tells it as "Shove cut off with KT 15 bb and Bruno calls. Flips AA. flop A44" on Facebook.

16:24: On our feature table Chico opens to 13k from the cut-off and Ian Swan shoves all in from the small blind for just over 80k. Ian apparrently has his lucky red trousers on so be should be confident. Chico thought it over and elected to fold.

16:22: We have 39 left now and an average stack of 162k.

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