25/25 Series Dundee - Day 2 - Level 14 (2000/4000/400)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 8:18


16:20: Blinds giong up!

16:15: The handbags were out at Table 3 there. 2 players were all in preflop with AT vs QQ but another player folded Pocket Fives. His friend on the rail had seen his fold and shouted "Ping" when a Five hit the flop to needle him but someone else thought he was shouting for a "King" which would have hit the AT's gutshot as QJ was on the board. Caused a bit of comotion but resolved swiftly be the tournament director.

16:13: Here are the official payouts for the last 25 players. Still 42 left here at the moment. Playing to a finish tonight so could be a long one in store.

1    £14,000.00
2    £9,200.00
3    £6,100.00
4    £3,650.00
5    £2,750.00
6    £2,200.00
7    £1,750.00
8    £1,400.00
9    £1,000.00
10    £700.00
11    £650.00
12    £650.00
13    £650.00
14    £500.00
15    £500.00
16    £500.00
17    £500.00
18    £500.00
19    £500.00
20    £500.00
21    £500.00
22    £500.00
23    £500.00
24    £450.00
25    £450.00

16:02: Chip leader at the last break, Dennis Shaw:

15:59: Maj now claiming he folded Jacks in the previous hand.

15:52: Chico Lamont opens for 9.1k from 3rd position and Maj Iqbal calls from the Button. Everyone else folds and it's heads up. Flop 9d9c3s and Chico leads for 9.1k. Maj calls. Turn 2s and Chico checks. Maj bets 12.3k. Chico calls. Maj has 100k behind at this point and Chico covers him. River is 3h and Chico fires out 54k! Maj says "Do you have Pocket 3s, big man? It's a very big bet" and "I know you don't have a Nine" then passes after a thikning it over. Chico says "I had the best hand all the way".

15:50: We have 25 prizes today. The winner gets £14k and 25th takes home £450.

15:46: Back on the feature table Joe Hamilton limps in for 4k and Grant McIntosh makes it 13k. Back to Joe and he makes the call. The flop is Kc9s2h and they both check. Turn 4c and Joe checks. Grant bets 15k and takes it down.

15:37: Back in action now. Here are a few chip counts from the break. They are not complete and there may be some other big stacks out there but should give a good idea of a few of the leaders:

Dennis Shaw 315k
Alistair Parry 300k
Penny Malik 270k
Stephen Ng 270k
Chico Lamont 270k
Marc Leishman 247k
Joe Hamilton 210k
Chris Khabir 190k
Hamid Motaghian 180k
John Angus 173k
Maj Iqbal 165k
Paul Gupta 127k
Ewan Brown 100k
Raymond Innes 95k

15:21: Ally Myles out just before the break. Now trying his luck in the 3pm freeroll!

15:19: We have 6.3million chips in play. Will get some counts from the big stacks around the room soon.

15:18: Players on a 15 minute break now.

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