25/25 Series Dundee - Day 2 - Level 13 (1500/3000/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 7:32


15:17: Players on a 15 minute break now. Back soon!

15:15: Joe Hamilton opens for 11.5k (AJ) and Ryan Adams shoves for 39k (88). Joe says "I'm getting tied of you" and makes the call. The board runs out with a Jack and Joe knocks Ryan out.

15:14: Here are Chris Thomson and Stephen Ng on Table 1:

15:13: Chico Lamont has arrived at the feature table with a stack of arond 280k; this should liven things up a bit!

15:12: Peter Louchran out with 55 vs AA all in preflop on Table 7.

15:10: Chris reports "Call an all in with KK vs AJ, flop quads which is always nice. Up to 270,000 ish."

15:07: Penny Malik is now officially out Last Lady Standing in the 25/25 Series Dundee event. She has a stack of around 245k now so in with a shout.

15:03: Lisa Ferris out!

15:02: Our first break will be in about 15 mins. Meanwhile the normal Sunday freeroll has started in the card room with 29 players but there won't be any updates from their I'm afraid.

15:00: The always-entertaining Penny Malik has been moved from our feature table. We'll catch up with her later no doubt.

14:57: John Angus just doubled up there through Ryan Adams. I think John called a raise from the bb with 6c4c and flopped a Flush on AcJcTc. Ryan had KcJh and missed his Flush re-draw. Looked like John had about 75k before the hand and got a full double.

14:50: After 2 x 3k limps from Penny Malik and David Cheung, Maj Iqbal makes it 13k in the cut-off but Grant McIntosh then 3bets to 28k from the Button. It folds back to Maj and he 4bets to 46k! While Grant is thinking Maj declares "Let's just get it in; I'm not passing". After a long tank Grant folds and says he had Jacks. Maj immediaately shows the 5 of Diamonds and says "Don't get into a levelling war with me". Grant fired back, "It wasn't a levelling war; I had Jacks". Round 1 for Maj. The table still talking about it in a He thought that I thought that he thought that I thought kind of way.

14:47: Legendary Edinburgh player John Angus has joined us on the feature table. He is almost as famous for his loud shirts as he is for his poker. He hasn't let us down today:

14:44: Dundee now has these "Deal" or "No Deal" cards for their final tables. They let people accept or reject a chop confidentially:

14:35: Sounds like a big pot on Table 3 with Paul Gupta the victor. A player told me he had QQ vs 88 vs A9 all in preflop and held up eliminating the other two. Down to 57 players now.

14:33: That's Stevie McKinlay out! Sweet revange for Maj Iqbal who called his Turn shove with 88 on a J23-3 board with 88. Stevie just had AQ and didn't improve.

2nd February 2014 @ 8:29
Ronnie McAuley
keep up the good work.Good luck to the Dundee crowd
21st February 2014 @ 14:29
Thanks Ron
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