25/25 Series Dundee - Day 2 - Level 12 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 6:48


14:32: Blinds up!

14:28: Stevie McKinlay caught bluffing and an around 80k pot goes to David Cheung. David had As7s for a flopped Flush Draw and picked up an Ace on the turn. Stevie kept firing, 17k on the River but David called and Stevie immediately said "Good call" and mucked. Stevie was doing well but now back to do 45k.

14:25: Penny Malik wins another one from Maj Iqbal. Just saw her making a huge check/raise all in on the flop with a Set of Sixes after Maj bet 12k. He folded and she showed the hand saying, "Only for you."

14:25: Liz Johnston also gone.

14:21: Local lad Sunny Rehilu out from Table 7.

14:17: Grant McIntosh and Ian Swan have joined us on the feature table. Ian's son Kyle was also briefly here but he tried a move all-in preflop with 84o and was eliminated by David Cheung.

14:15: Mohamed Ibrahim reports: "At 25k chips, survived an all-in thanks to the case Ace, and back from the brink of death to over 100k!"

14:13: David Cheung limps in middle position for 2.4k, Joe Hamilton limps the Button and the blinds complete and check. Flop Ks2c2h and Joe takes it down with a 12.5k bet when everyone checked it to him.

14:12: Ryan Adams in Seat 1 here at the feature table been very quiet in all respects so far.

14:11: Details on Brent Burnett's earlier exit: "Defended big blind with KQ. Flop AK3. She bets 5k. Call. Turn Q. I check she bets 7k I raise all in. She calls with A2. River 3"

14:10: Mark Leishman reports on Twitter: "Upto 290k from 160starting. This hungover poker malarkey is alright"

14:03: Hamid Motaghian back in command on Table 5 after getting revenge on Mohammad Rauf. I didn't catch the action but the table said that Hamid called him down with third pair in a huge 3-barrel pot. Here is Hamid's stack now:

14:02: Stevie Nicol out. Down to 63 players so far today. I must have missed a few of the exits but things moving fast around the room.

13:58: Maj Iqbal fighting back after not getting off to the best start. After Kee Tak "David" Cheung limped in for 2.4k Maj made it 7.7k in position. David called and took the Th8s2h flop. David then check/called another 7.7k bet and the Turn was 7c. When checked to, Maj bet 7.7k again and again David called. The River was 5c and David checked. Maj fired 14k this time and David let it go. Maj showed KQ for King High and dragged in the chips.

13:52: Not long before that Stevie McKinlay doubled up through Maj Iqbal. Stevie had shoved all in on the Turn with J2 and two pair which Maj tank/called with AT for top pair only. The River was no help and Stevie got a healthy double. I didn't catch the preflop and flop action but by the table talk afterwards Stevie may have been somewhat speculative with his J2.

13:48: Just at the end of the last level Scott Maxwell shoved all in for 24k UTG with QhTh and was called by Stevie McKinlay with KhJc. Scott turned a Flush but the River was another Heart and Stevie's Kh did the business for him. Scott sent packing.

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