25/25 Series Dundee - Day 2 - Level 11 (1000/2000/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 5:37


13:48: Blinds up!

13:47: Barry Sturrock says on Twitter that "John Manzie fashion trendsetter in the cardroom. #GokwanFTW"

13:44: Shaz Sardar out as is Scott Maxwell. Details of Scott's demise coming shortly.

13:40: Mohammad Rauf seems in good spirits at Table 5. It seems he's been doubled up by cheap leader Hamid and keen to spread the word.

13:39: Alan Robertson and Stephen McKay out.

13:36: Scott Millar moved to Table 6 and got straight to work with his 27k stack. He opened for about half of it UTG and was called by Penny Malik then Joe Hamilton make it 27k, Scott called to put himself all in and Penny also called. Action was a bit fast and I arrived late on the scene but Penny ended up dragging in the full pot with QQ in the end and eliminating Scott.

13:30: Some more exits from the outer tables: James Clark and Mark Cuggy. A few others also out and will hopefully get the names soon. Very busy here again today with 9 tables to start.

13:26: Joe Hamilton opens for 4.5k from early position and Stevie McKinlay 3bets to 10k from the cut-off. Flop AhJs9h which goes check/check. Turn 7d which they also both check.  River Ac and once again both of the Old Skool Dundee regs check it. Stevie tables QQ but Joe takes it down with A2o.

13:25: Early double up for Ewan Brown on Table 8. He started today with around 70k.

13:18: Interesting pot between Penny Malik and Maj Iqbal there. Penny limped in pre-flop for 2k in early position and she called Maj's cut-off raise to 7k. The flop came down 8d5s4d and Penny bet 6k into Maj and he called. The Turn was 9s and Penny again fired 6k. Maj thought it over for a bit and after a while asked Penny "Are you happy to get it in?". Penny replied "Do you think I'm throwing my chips in with nothing? Get a grip". Sensing her opponent was weak now Penny taunted "It's only another 6k. You've been calling all the way. On the River it will be all in." but Maj decide to get away from it. After the hand he claimed to have KK but no one at the table was buying that.

13:15: Scott Maxwell opens for 4.2k in the cut-off but quickly folds after Joe Hamilton 3bets from the button.

13:13: Brent Burnett out on Table 8.

13:12: Here on Table 6 Maj Iqbal takes a 25k pot from Joe Hamilton. Looks like Joe raised preflop with KJ and Maj called from the bb with 97. The flop was 9 High and Maj check-called a bet but it was checked down on the Turn and River after that.

13:10: Peter Boyd also gone from Table 3. He also started short with 25k.

13:05: First player of the day gone from Table 4 and it's Mindaugas Kriauciunas. He came in with a short stack of 36k today.

13:04: Long-time Dundee player Stevie McKinlay wins the first pot from Penny Malik blind vs blind but it's just a wee one.

13:03: Here's a pic of today's feature table:

13:00: Day 2 has commenced. Good luck to all competitors!

12:58: Gerry reports on Twitter: "Slept in for day two of #2525dundee, f**king nightmare!"

12:48: I'll be sitting right next to Table 6 so should feature that most heavily in the early stages of the blog today:

12:41: Here is the full seat draw. Table 6 will be a bit of a feature table on the blog for now but will try to cover the highlights from the outer tables as well.

12:39: Here are some tweets from 3 of the 77 players coming back today:

12:38: We get under way at 1pm in around 20 minutes from now. Seat draw coming soon.

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