25/25 Series Dundee - Flight B - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st February 2014 @ 10:54


18:50: Blinds up! 1 more level to go.

18:46: Jonathan Jernigan out.

18:37: Chris Ferguson had to bet/fold there on the River in a sizeable pot. He is now down to about 15k. Blinds still 600/1200/100.

18:35: Kee Tak Cheung looks to have about 130k.

18:31: Val Gray has about 45k. John Lynch about 100k.

18:30: Just saw Craig Smith creeping out of the card room with his head down and jacket in hand so assume he has busted.

18:28: Peter Stephen looks like he has about 120k. A nice stack!

18:25: Stewart Hay out with 55 vs TT all in preflop. He couldn't find the necessary miracle to survive:

18:20: Wayne Shinnie is a goner!

18:18: Table-side snack menu orders arrive at Table 8:

18:17: Sean Finlayson out.

18:04: Ewan Brown doing improving as well: "A better couple of levels. Up to 30k at the end of level 8. Two more levels today if I last that long ;)"

18:01: Peter Louchran in a good mood: "Just doubled up to 47K. Average is 46K. Flopped Quads and got paid. LOVE IT :0)"

18:00: Marc Leishman reports "Another double up! All in on a 5767 board with 55 against JJ. 125k"

17:57: Sunny Rehilu and Murray Angus share some Chicken & Chips.

17:56: Here is Zen Hunt, a poker dealer from Edinburgh, taking his shot at the Big Time:

17:56: Players on a 15 minute break but will add a few pics from Level 8 here.

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