25/25 Series Dundee - Flight B - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st February 2014 @ 10:16


17:55: Blinds up!

17:53: Joan Lawley also out.

17:52: Lost Stuart Wedge with QJ all in preflop vs AJ for about 15k.

17:51: Lost Ali Cifci but don't worry, he has re-entry on the mind.

17:40: 44 players left in Flight B out of 81 starters.

17:39: Marc Leishman says "Got a much needed double up. AA all in against AK clubs. Flop 567 two clubs. Turn ace river 5. Upto 65k" on Twitter.

17:38: £1/2 NL cash game running now. Come on down and play a bit before you join Flight C at 7.45pm.

17:31: Stuart White and Simon Yates walking.

17:30: Chico Lamont:

17:27: Ewan Brown (left) looks over has his new tablemate, "Bluetooth" Ali Ciftci.

17:25: John Lynch (with the black cap in the middle) on Table 8 building up a nice stack:

17:23: Table 1:

17:22: Table 2:

17:21: Robert Franks and Tat Ieong out.

17:17: Blinds now 500/1000 with a 100 running ante.

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