25/25 Series Dundee - Flight B - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st February 2014 @ 8:34


16:17: Players on a 15 minute break now. See you soon!

16:15: Lost pokerindundee.com organiser Gordon Anderson.

16:12: Chico Lamont trying his second flight and Chris Ferguson at the action table, Table 1. Chris was 2nd in Edinburgh recently and works for pokervip.com.

16:06: Carolyn Gray sent packing by Joan Lawley. It was Carolyn's KQ vs Joan's AcTc all in on the KhQc3c flop but Joan hit her Flush on the River to win:

16:02: Mario Fionda and Lee Buchan also out.

16:01: Sore one for Jake Hughes (KK) as he has just been taken out by Roderick Davidson (QQ) in Seat 4 all in preflop. The Drama Queen hit the River to send Jake home:

15:52: Scott Duncan (KsQd) just hit a Royal Flush on Table 9 vs Mario Fionda! He got called with an 8k River Bet as well. Must be nice.

15:47: Dany Coll (TT) eliminated by Peter Stephen (AA) all in preflop. Dany says that a big factor in him getting it all in preflop with the TT was that Peter 3bet him the hand before with K7 vs his KQ and got it to showdown and won with two pair after the flop was K7x.

15:43: Andrew Gray and Gareth McNeill both out!

15:41: Thanks to all the players using the #2525dundee hashtag on Twitter. Really helps me gets some good player updates for the blog:

15:39: Grant Mushet says on Twitter: "Survived two all ins - AhK in to A10, boy flops ten on a 3 to the flush flop - river HEART! AQ in to JJ flop and river an Ace."

15:38: Lost James Greive and Bob Adams.

15:37: Gareth McNeill whispers some advice into Marc Leishman's ear:

15:35: Blinds now 300/600/50.

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