25/25 Series Dundee - Flight B - Level 5 (200/400/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st February 2014 @ 7:59


15:36: Blinds going up!

15:32: John Angus has an impressive string of cashes on his Hendon Mob results page stretching over many years.

15:30: Mohamed Ibrahim in action to Ewan Brown's immediate right:

15:29: Edinburgh Champ Ewan Brown hiding his stack with his hands:

15:25: Stuart Wedge:

15:23: From Flight A last night Conor Ogg says on Facebook: "After 7 and a half hours, I've made it through to the final day of the £25k gtd as 4th chip leader from day 1A. Still a long way to go but at least I've given myself a decent shot for tomorrow. Sitting on 120k (67k average), looking forward to getting back for the final!"

15:21: Willie Leckie out.

15:20: Tony Johnston railing Val Gray. Tony busted from Flight A and is considering a re-entry tonight for Flight C at 7.45pm.

15:17: Carolyn Gray having a good time at Table 1:

15:15: Riz Hussain down and out.

15:12: Jimmy Wong looking on behind his young protégé Sunny Rehilu:

15:10: Here's Alexander Buchan after winning a pot:

15:07: Dundee regular Jake Hughes:

15:05: Card room packed again:

15:03: Peter Louchran reports "just won a nice pot for 16K. Now at 32K. Average is 28K. Blinds 150/300 25 Anti"

15:02: David Gray reports "Call raise pre 5h3h, flop Ah 8h 2c, turn Ts, river Kh, I check call all the way them bomb the river, get paid by K8! 38k"

15:00: Registration for Flight B closed. 81 players for Flight B. Great turnout! Prize pool £37,200 so far.

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