25/25 Series Dundee - Flight B - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st February 2014 @ 7:00


14:58: Blinds up and registration now closed. 81 players for Flight B and 182 total for the event.

14:57: Stuart White and Bruno Bressan at Table 4:

14:55: Zenith Hunt out but luckily he still has 2 minutes left to re-enter and that is an opportunity he has chosen to take.

14:49: David Gray reports "Call raise pre 5h3h, flop Ah 8h 2c, turn Ts, river Kh, I check call all the way them bomb the river, get paid by K8!"

14:46: Anyone reading this? Say Hello by making a comment at the bottom of the page. Cheers. 80 players now and 11 minutes left to enter.

14:44: Mario Fionda arrived from Glasgow and now involved. Ian Wright from Aberdeen trying Flight B out for size. Flight A yesterday didn't go too well for him.

14:41: 16 minutes left to enter Flight B. 77 players so far and 178 overall in the tournament.

14:40: No love for Richard Love; he's a goner.

14:36: Dean Hutchison (Seat 9) elminated by Jonathan McRitchie (Seat 1). Jonathan had QT and hit a straight on the Turn. Dean was already counting out cash a re-entry before the River was dealt:

14:27: Looks like Clint Budgen is out. Didn't catch the action though.

14:26: Ali Cicfti has a very stylish iPad cover, don't you think?

14:23: A couple of late-comers just arrived from Edinburgh, Chris Ferguson (runner up at our recent Edinburgh leg) and Craig Smith:

14:20: Cards back in the air. Clint Budgen reports "Was down to 5k, managed to pull back to 13k"

14:08: Ewan Brown reports "Down to 19k at the first break. Still plenty of play though. Time to start winning some pots :)".

14:02: David Gray likes his table: "Quite a fair table draw, good mixture of standard but good banter. Sitting on starting stack." but later said "15k. raising war after a blind raise utg, I open, SB 3-bets, flats my 5-bet and jams a T high flop. Have to lay down AJcc sigh"

14:01: Marc Leishman reported on Twitter a while ago: "Up to 42k. Got KK all in on the turn off a KJ46hh board against AJ with ace of hearts...we hold"

14:00: Players on 15 minute break at the moment. Back soon!

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