25/25 Series Dundee - Flight B - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st February 2014 @ 4:34


12:42: Blinds up to 75/150.

12:39: The view from Jake Hughes' seat on Table 1:

12:31: Lost our first player of the day: William Hanratty (right). Alistair Parry (left) raised from the button with 9d8d and William 3bet from the SB with KK. Alistair elected to take a flop which came down 8s9hJc. After a check/raise and some more action they managed to get it all in on the flop. Alistair had around 23k and covered William. The Turn was Tc and the River 3s for Alistair's two pair to hold.

21:23: Up to 60 players now in Flight B.

12:21: Scott Duncan, Gordon Anderson, Stuart Wedge, Willie Leckie, Val Gray and Sunny Rehilu on Table 2:

12:17: Gareth NcNeill and Stewart McFarlane at Table 4. Check out Gareth's results at http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=216451. His biggest score was a 3rd place at the Grosvenor Maybury Casino in Edinburgh last year for £5,650 in the Scottish Poker Series (SPS).

12:16: St Andrews taxi driver Ali Cictfi also present. He is a man of many nicnames including Kamikaze Ali and Bluetooth Ali. Not really sure about the origins on the second one though...

12:14: Ron "The Scone" Angus is in the building:

12:04: Sometimes it's easy to forget the 2nd place finishers so here's a wee pic of all the runners up from our first three 25/25 Series Scotland legs:

12:01: Game under way! Up to about 50 players already.

11:58: Almost ready! Starting with 44 players:

11:39: Looks like Ewan Brown from Linlithgow, the most recent Edinburgh leg winner, will be playing in Flight B today. Follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AntMan_B.

11:35: Flight B will be starting in around 25 minutes. Another busy day ahead! 36 returned from 101 in Flight A last night and hopefully today will be similar. The chip leader from Flight A (Barrie Geekie) has 162,500. Will anyone catch him today? We have lots of photos from Flight A on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.708608149161142 if you want to have a look for yourself.

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