25/25 Series Dundee - Flight A - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st January 2014 @ 18:01


01:57: Blinds up!

01:51: Now 45 players left and we are going to 5 tables.

01:50: Kenny McMaihin out with QcTc vs Stevie McKinlay's Ad5d.

01:48: Penny Malik all in preflop vs Brian Kidd Snr there and it was Black Aces vs Red Aces. The predictable chop came to fruition and they both took their chips back after the River:

01:41: Found the smallest stack in the room; Kenny McMaihin currenty has about 3.5k. He did made Day 2 in Aberdeen as the shortest stack so the same could be on the cards again.

01:38: Edinburgh-based Tony Crolla surfing a 17.5k short stack at the moment but he could be the most patient player in the country so he won't necessarily be shoving it in any time soon.

01:36: Young talent Scott Maxwell quietly accumulating chips:

01:35: Lewis Fowler taken out by Stevie Nicol now. It was Stevie's AQ vs KQ on a Queen High board all in on the Turn.

01:26: Interesting hand there between Lewis Fowler and Stevie Nicol (pictured below). Lewis opened to 3.6k preflop and Stevie 3bet to 9.7k in position. Lewis called and we saw a flop of KQ3 rainbow. Stevie bet 9.7k after Lewis checked but Lewis made it around 19k. Stevie immediately shoved all in for about 70k more and Lewis tanked for several minutes before relinquishing his hand.

01:24: Barrie Geekie just took out David Girdwood with a straight vs trips.

01:16: We have 51 players left out of 101. 2x40min levels left to play. £23k prize pool so far. 2 more flights to play tomorrow at 12pm and 7.45pm.

01:15: Gerry Anderson reports on Twitter that he fust lost most of his stack with TT < JJ and now has 5bbs left.

01:13: A few approx stack counts from around the room:

Iain Walker 95k
Scott Townshend 95k
Barrie Geekie 90k
Davie Ballantine 80k
Penny Malik 90k
Steven Bremner 95k
Paul Gupta 55k
Paddy Doonan 60k
Cameron Alivizadeh 40k
Gordon Wood 40k

01:03: Old Skool cash game player Salim Shakari eliminated in the last hand of the last level.

01:02: Players on a 15 minute break now. Back soon! 2 more levels to play tonight.

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