25/25 Series Dundee -Flight A - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st January 2014 @ 17:22


01:01: Level over. 15 minute break for the players. 3 levels left.

00:57: Another legend falls; Murray Angus sent to the rail.

00:56: A few mins lefe of this level. Roy Rimmer just knocked out.

00:55: Dundee Legend Kevin "K-Wall" Wallace also eliminated.

00:54: Makka Hussain knocked out by Iain Walker. Iain's pocket jacks held up vs Makka's straight draw. Must have been a sizeable pot as Makka had around 60k at the time I think.

00:51: Brian Kidd Snr, Charlotte Ford and James McIntosh:

00:50: Lewis Fowler's stack:

00:40: Ian Wright out! His nut flush draw didn't get there vs his opponent's set.

00:39: A wee bit of drama on Table 3 there with Davie Ballantine and Arturas Majauskas having some serious words with each other after Davie took down a hand.

00:36: Barrie Geekie knocked another one out. Lloyd Swan all in preflop with QJ vs AQ and couldn't get there.

00:33: Tony Johnston out but his better half Liz is still involved. Usual story to be honest.

00:31: Glasgow Merchant City winner Makka Hussain with about 70k now:

00:27: Lost local player Enrico Fratarolli.

00:23: Blinds now 500/1000/100. We have 59 players left out of 101 from Flight A. Playing 10 levels tonight.

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