25/25 Series Dundee -Flight A - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st January 2014 @ 16:27


00:21: End of the level. Blinds going up!

00:16: Lost Anthony Clark, Julien Saulet and Jim Black all sent packing.

00:14: Here's Maj Iqbal from Glasgow (obviously with a trusty can of Irn-Bru on the go):

00:09: Here's a shot of Aberdeen legend and maths teacher Ian Wright. His table was just broken up 2 minutes later and he expressed his displeasure as the turn of events.

00:01: Barrie Geekie just got a huge double up vs Stevie "The Postie" McKinlay. Barrie's KK held up all in preflop vs Stevie's QQ. Barrie now has around 120k.

23:55: David Girdwood on the button with the traditional poker hoodie here trying to take one down:

23:51: Alan Robertson and Calumn Newton both out!

23:50: Another player feeling it. Hope he wakes up with a big hand:

23:47: Dennis Shaw catching up on Coronation Street in between hands:

23:44: Murray Angus and Stevie Nicol having a bit of banter at the table:

23:42: Penny Malik enjoying a joke at the table:

23:39: Level 7 under way. I think some players are starting to fade though. Even youngsters like Cameron Alzvizadeh:

23:37: Gerard Anderson:

23:30: Here are a few notable chip counts from the remaining field:

Cameron Ogg 49.5k
Kyle Swan 68k
Majid Iqbal 78.5k
Charlotte Ford 57.5k
Dennis Shaw 46k
Shaz Sardar 52k
Brian Fleming 46k
Makka Hussain 62k
Brent Burnett 59k
Arturas Majauskas 90k
Scott Townshend 95k
David Girwood 68k
Stevie McKinlay 62k
Stevie Nicol 72k
Cameron Alavizadeh 43k
Penny Malik 44k
Mark Cuggy 68k
Gordon Wood 43k
Roberto Morelli 31k

23:28: I'd like to thank Amber Heggie for helping out with some of the photos for the blog. Great work!

23:37: Players currently on a 15 minute break. 73 remaining out of 101 from Flight A.

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