25/25 Series Dundee - Flight A - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st January 2014 @ 15:41


23:24: Players now on a 15-min break at the end of Level 6. Just 4 more 40min levels to play today.

23:23: Shaun Doogan out!

23:22: Gerry "Ratchet_Poker" just reported on Twitter that he just moved to the right of  Julien Saulet and called him a fish.

23:20: Roy Rimmer knocks out Kieran Appelby and another player out in the same hand. Don't think the stacks were huge though.

23:19: Alan Robertson still alive on Table 1 and having a good time. 73 remaining out of 101 from Flight A.

23:16: A couple of players checking up what I'm saying about them on the ScottishPoker.net blog on their phones:

23:10: 3-way all in preflop on Table 1 and Jesse Kerin is eliminated:

23:04: Martin Brown's 2nd bullet turned out to be a blank; he has just been knocked out by Arturas Majauskas. It was AK vs AA all in preflop for rather large stacks. Arturas had 48k and Martin had in the region of 40k. Arturas could be the new chip leader. Enrico Frattaroli and GK Kamal looking on either side of Arturas:

22:53: Penny Malik just won a medium-sized pot there from Tony Crolla on Table 9. Tony bet 3k on the River and Penny min-raised to 6k. Tony looked disgrunted but made the call and Penny proudly tabled her winning straight.

22:46: Say Hello by making a comment if you're ready the blog please. If you are looking for updates on any particular players feel free to ask too.

22:43: Blinds just increased to 300/600/50. We are playing 10 levels today and should finish about 2.30am.

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