25/25 Series Dundee -Flight A - Level 5 (200/400/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st January 2014 @ 15:03


22:40: 4 mins left of Level 5. We are playing 5 more levels today.

22:38: Grant McIntosh, Brent Burnett and Martin Brown side by side. Poker players do love to put their hands over their mouths it's true.

22:37: Robbie Morelli and Mark Cuggy heads up in a pot and looking very exicted:

22:35: Cameron Alavizadeh giving us a wave. Paul "Black Flash" Gupta with the PokerStars headphones in Seat 9.

22:33: 3rd place finisher at the last Edinburgh leg, Gordon Wood, giving his best smile for the camera:

22:32: Grieg "Cush" Cushnie out with QQ vs Jesse Kerin's AA all in preflop.

22:27: Old pals Kevin Wallace (aka K-Wall) and Murray Angus:

22:26: Dennis Shaw and Kenny McMaihin enjoying the show:

22:25: Here is Chico Lamont dragging in a pot just before he was eliminated:


22:21 Chico Lamont and Joe Hamilon knocked out in the same hand. The victor was Scott Townshend. Lucky Scott had AA and got it in preflop vs the other twos' QQ and TT.

22:20: Scot Sherrit and Steven Culbert both out as well.

22:06: Peter Alder now reporting to the rail.

22:04: The final count for Flight A was a whopping 101 players. 91 entries and 10 re-entries. The prize pool currently stands at £23,000 and that's before the next 2 flights tomorrow. Great turnout so far here in Dundee.

22:03: Robbie McGregor out with his second bullet. Better luck tomorrow!

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