25/25 Series Dundee -Flight A - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st January 2014 @ 14:16


22:02: End of the level! Blinds going up to 200/400 with a 50 running ante. Will report the final count and prize pool so far soon.

22:00: Martin Brown out but re-entering. He had 6k and was gambling just before the end of the late registration period. Brian Tannerhill in the same boat and just behind him in the queue.

21:59: If you are in the game and have a Twitter account please tweet some updates using the #2525dundee hashtag. Thanks!

21:55: James McLean, Colin Gillon and Jesse Kerin all eliminated in the last few minutes. Just 6 mins left to late register tonight. 98 entrants at the moment. Still plenty of opportunities tomorrow though in Flight B (12pm) and Flight C (7.45pm).

21:49: Immediately afterwards there was a 3-way all on the same table. Jesse Kerin had AA, Ian Wright 22 and Robbie McGregor a somewhat speculative 64. Ian was at risk with only 9k but not to worry, he flopped Quads and took the main pot.

21:45: Robbie McGregor all in preflop with KT for about 15k vs Ian Wright's AQ. Robbie spiked a King a took it down.

21:41: Gerry Ratchet_Poker reports on Twitter that he is "Sitting on average chips at the first break, playing well but still struggling after too much rum last night".

21:40:  Reports in from the break that Grant McIntosh was running riot on his table in the first 3 levels.

21:39: Lost Jack Thomson. In that I mean he's the tournament not that we don't know where he is!

21:31: Local favourite Iain Drummond knocked out by Paul Gupta.

21:26: Here are a few chip counts from the break:

Stevie McKinlay 64,400
Liz Johnston 21,500
Iain Walker 31,000
Brian Fleming 29,000
Penny Malik 25,000
Callum Newton 24,500
Tony Crolla 47,000
Martin Brown 11,200
Steve Martin 25,700
Davie Ballantine 25,400
Brent Burnett 39,200
GK Kamal 23,600
Enrico Frattaroli 33k
Shaz Sardar 35,000
Peter Boyd 20,000
Greig Cushnie 10,000
Jerlin George 21,000
Kevin Wallace 25,000
Alan Robertson 27,000
Ryan Clark 18,000
Anthony Clark 15,000
Makka Hussain 30,000
Julien Soulet 35,000
Stevie Nicol 50,000
Camerson Alavizadeh 32,000
Gordon Wood 43,000
Brian Kidd 70,000
Stuart Ferguson 43,000
Kyle Swan 62,000
Grant McIntosh 60,000

21:21: The cards are back in the air. Blinds 150/300 with a 25 running ante.

21:17: Players still on a break. Another 5 mins or so.

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