25/25 Series Dundee -Flight A - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st January 2014 @ 12:45


20:29: Blinds going up to 100/200.

20:28: An early double-up for Roberto Morelli from Edinburgh.

20:21: A large pot there between Tony Crolla from Edinburgh and Lewis Fowler from Aberdeen. I didn't catch the early action but Tony was all in on the Kh turn after a flop of Td7s5h and Lewis thought it over for a long time before folding. Tony ended up showing 77 for a set of 7s. Here is Tony with his arms folded when Lewis was in the tank:

20:16: Barry Blackwood out from Table 6. Don't have any deatils of his exit hand unfortunately.

20:12: The 3 Amigos Stevie McKinlay, Chico Lamont and Crazy Joe Hamilton side by side on Table 4.

20:10: Long-time Dundee poker regular Shaz Sardar on Table 1, Seat 1:

20:08: Merchant City leg Makka Hussain in action. He has some good tournament scores under his belt. Check out his profile at http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=224005

20:01: We have the first elimination! Neil Feenan from Edinburgh is out the door. He was apparently already short at 5k and was eliminated with QT all in preflop vs Michael Cieslak's AA.

19:53: Iain Drummond, Scot Sherrit and Murray Angus from left to right on Table 5:

19:50: Here are Robbie MacGregor and Barrie Geekie looking thoughtful:

19:46: Blinds now 75/150.

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