25/25 Series Dundee - Flight A - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st January 2014 @ 18:57


02:47: Here are a few of the bags ready for Day 2:

02:39: Play has stopped for the day. Players now bagging up their chips for Day 2 on Sunday at 1pm. I will update here with some chip counts a bit later tonight. Thanks for listening!

02:37: Scott Maxwell lost a huge pot a few minutes ago when he got it all in on the Turn with a Set of 8s vs AJ two-pair. An Ace on the River sent the pot in the opposite direction.

02:35: Four rapid eliminations: Robert Franks, Gerhard Lille, Brian Kidd Snr and James McIntosh all gone.

02:31: We are playing 4 more hands and then today's action will be concluded. Some random rather drunk dude just wandered in the card room from the casino floor and appeared to be carrying a jug of White Russian. Meanwhile Ally Myles in the foreground is standing up but he must have won the hand as he is now sitting back down and playing on.

02:27: Just 10 minutes left and Edinburgh grinder Gordon Sloan has been eliminated.

02:24: Charlotte Ford just knocked out:

02:22: Grant McIntosh, Brent Burnett and Tony Crolla (shortly before his recent exit) with the End Of Flight A Blues:

02:19: Tony Crolla out hot on the heels of his travelling companion Roberto.

02:17: Gerry Anderson reports on Twitter: "Sitting on 55k, average stack 57k. Nearly end of the day, need my bed"

02:16: Roberto Morelli just eliminated with 20 minutes to go in the day:

02:15: Ian Swan:

02:12: Scott Maxwell and Gerhard Lille:

02:11: Maj Iqbal and his tablemate GK Kamal:

01:58: Less than 45 players left out of 101 that started Flight A. This is the last level of the night. Maj Iqbal is now on about 100k after winning a big pot from Arturas Majauskas. It was the Battle of the Majs and Iqbal won!

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