25/25 Series Dundee - Flight A - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st January 2014 @ 11:28


19:45: Blinds going up to 75/150 now and we currently have 88 entrants for Flight A.

19:40: Table 6 in action early on including local players Tony Johnston and Nehme Al Asmar in Seats 3 & 4 respectively:

19:36: Here is Table 1 with Peter Boyd and local boy Greig Cushnie on the right side.

19:27: Glasgow Merchant City leg winner Makka Hussain just bought in.

19:25: Brent Burnett reports on Twitter that he's had "Pocket kings followed by pocket queens on first round of the button". Apparently he really likes his dealer.

19:20: Now up to 86 entries. Good atmosphere here in the packed card room so far.

19:16: If you are following any friends or family in the tournament feel free to comment below at the bottom of the page and I'll try to get some chip counts and updates. You can also comment if you just want to say Hello; I get lonely here sometimes.

19:14: Here is part of the poker room, Table 1 in the foreground:

19:09: 11 players have just taken part in a last minute £20 flip for a £220 seat. The lucky winner was local boy Robbie MacGregor:

19:04: We have just kicked things here in Dundee for the 4th leg of the 25/25 Series Scotland. We have started with 71 players in Flight A.

31st January 2014 @ 12:52
In before Robbie re-buys
31st January 2014 @ 15:10
Good shout. He has fired 2 bullets, missed the target with both and is now on the cash tables.
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